GPW: End of Week 1

We can’t believe that it is a whole week since we left Perth. We had intended on doing a blog after the first day but discovered that it was taking more out of us just getting through each day than we expected.

The night before the official launch we were treated to a sausage sizzle by the Perth Central Caravan Park and it was great to mingle with a lot of other tourists (and some locals) both from Australia and overseas. We had some great conversations about poverty, what has been achieved in the last twenty years and the range of ways in which people can get involved in bringing an end to extreme poverty, not just by donating money.


The launch in Perth was a great success. It was fantastic to see so many other people passionate about ending world poverty. Thanks to Paddy from Oxfam for inviting all the Oxfam and MPH supporters. We also had supporters from TEAR, Oaktree Foundation and the WA Greens. Also thanks to the Perth Fire Brigade for escorting us out of the Perth CBD safely

20130207_07_walking-into-burracopinThe journey so far has been hot and hard work but we have managed to get a little ahead of schedule which is good as the forecast for the next week looks hot with temps above 38 each day. So being a little ahead might be a big advantage as we look to finish a bit earlier on these days to try and stay ahead, keep out of the sun and well hydrated. We are averaging about 48km per day which is more than we had expected.

Blisters on Matt’s feet and bottom lip have been our biggest physical issue and Wendy has discovered she knows a bit more about first aid than she realised. The support we have received from Chemists and Sports Shops along the way has been fantastic and we hope we are now on top of both issues. Apart from this Matt’s body is holding up really well and once his feet are right he feels it will be a bit easier going despite the heat.

A couple of useless stats … Matt has found $8.10 on the side of the road and has swallowed 4 flies.

But all in all the support we have had from the Western Australian community has been fantastic – long may it continue.

We should reach Coolgardie by the end of the week and then head south to Norseman. We will try to do another blog at the end of this week however internet and mobile coverage is getting more sporadic as we progress east so we may not be able to provide regular blogs or keep up with Facebook once we leave Norseman. We will possibly be out of communication for a month or so but please keep sending through your messages and following us and we will provide another update as soon as possible.

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