2012: The Long Ride to Break the Poverty Cycle

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2012: The Long Ride to Break the Poverty Cycle

The Long Ride to Stop the Poverty Cycle commenced on 1 April 2012 in Perth. Matt cycled the 3,809km route from Perth to Canberra with Wendy driving the support vehicle, a hired motorhome.  The purpose of the journey was to raise awareness of world poverty and be a voice for some of the most vulnerable people in the world (mostly in developing countries such as Africa). The ride was supported by the Make Poverty History campaign, a coalition of more than 60 aid organisations and community groups.

The symbolism behind the choice of route is that 7.6 million children under the age of 5 die from starvation each year which is enough to make a human chain on both sides of the road from Perth to Canberra – this is a fact that we simply could not turn our backs on.

Through the support of the GWS Giants, the ride concluded at half time in the GWS vs Gold Coast Game at Manuka Oval on Saturday 12 May. This arrangement meant we were able to spread the word to an additional 8,500 people who attended the game – a very memorable day as it was also the GWS Giant’s first win.

During the journey Matt & Wendy spoke at several schools, and conducted a range of media interviews including TV News, newspaper and radio.  Renmark Primary School even made a video about the trip!

The ride was also supported by the Federal Sports Minister Senator Kate Lundy who rode the last few kilometres with Matt, ACT Deputy Chief Minister Mr Andrew Barr as well as APEX, Lions and Rotary clubs in a number of towns. In total it is estimated that we reached over 200,000 people (based on a project evaluation conducted by Oxfam Australia, an MPH member).

On their return to Canberra Matt and Wendy felt that the trip was such a success that they decided to continue their mission to raise awareness of world poverty and in particular to continue to give presentations to school and community groups about the issues relating to world poverty.


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