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2017: The Namib Desert and Skeleton Coast

Matt’s journey started at the Namibian border with South Africa, following  the infamous Namib Desert. Here he was faced with severe sand storms cutting his vision down to around 10 metres at times. He then headed though to the coastal town of Walvis Bay and then along the skeleton coast before again heading into the desert. There he was faced with the real threat of animal attacks before finishing at the border with Angola.

Namib Desert is one of the most uninhabitable parts on earth, and Matt understands why the locals call it the land God created in anger or the gates to hell.

During the walk Matt was accompanied by his wife Wendy who has been with him as support crew on all of his previous journeys taking care of the support vehicle, cooking, treating blisters and keeping everyone informed with social media and blogs posts.  Camping out under the stars as much as possible.

The route Matt took is reflected in google maps.

Click the “fullscreen” button to view the full Google Map including comments and photos from Matt along the journey

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