The Long Ride (Part 1)

After a few days rest it has given me some time to reflect on why I am doing this ride. There are 21,000 thousand children under the age of 5 that will die from starvation today. I struggle to comprehend our own governments thinking in trying to block the Robin Hood Tax from going through at the next G20 summit. For you that don’t know, this tax is designed to tax international banking transactions 0.05% and the money raised will go to help the world’s poorest people and help with the basic needs they need to survive i.e. food, water, basic healthcare and an education. By implementing this tax it will be a huge step forward in making extreme poverty a thing of the past. Everyone I have spoken to on this trip has been outraged that our government would not support a SIMPLE TAX like this. I was always brought up to be a proud Australian and one of those attributes was if someone was down and needed a hand back up we would all chip in and help – like the Victorian bushfires and the Queensland and NSW floods of the last few years. It is time we extended that Aussie spirit abroad and give these starving children a chance. These Children don’t want much they just want a chance at life. They don’t want the latest iPhone, or the latest Wii game they just want the basics i.e. Food and water.

If you believe as passionately as I do about this tax I encourage you to either make a phone call or send a letter to your local member encouraging them to change their stance on the Robin Hood tax. One person can’t change the world but if we all band together things will happen. After all, we are the lucky Country. Let’s not turn into the greedy country.

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