Join us and take the Pledge to end global poverty

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I am really proud to announce that we have just launched the Walk to a Better World Pledge. A lot of hard work has gone into getting the pledge up and running on the website and I’d like to thank our hard working and dedicated website team for all their work.

The pledge is designed to get people into the habit of donating regularly to their chosen charity and being conscious of the impact that regular amounts can have.

Once you get in the habit of donating you hardly even know the money has left your account but the impact that money can have can be huge. It is a good way for you to play your part in helping alleviate poverty within the world and ensure people in developing countries have access to clean water, food, basic healthcare and an education – all the things that we take for granted!.

Donating regularly to your chosen charity helps them have a regular stream on donations coming in so they can forward plan for the projects they are going to fund. It enables charities to do the most effective work in helping people break the poverty cycle through sustainable development.

By giving regularly the impact you can have on the ground will be more effective than if you just give one off to specific appeals. It is estimated that for every dollar spent on disaster preparedness, an average of seven dollars is saved on disaster response and recovery. You also get the effect of feeling better about yourself in helping some of the poorest people lift themselves out of poverty.

We have been very careful in choosing the four Charities that we have teamed up with – Caritas Australia, The Fred Hollows Foundation, CARE Australia and Oxfam Australia – and have no doubt that they are among the most effective and efficient development agencies out there.  In making our selection we considered issues such as:

  • how much of their funds go directly to project work (although it is important to note that spending on admin and fundraising is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it is an efficient use of those funds)
  • the fact that they are all members of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)
  • they are acknowledged as having a high degree of impact by charity rating organisations such as The Life You Can Save and the AMR Charity Reputation Index
  • they are all committed to sustainable development through ensuring that their programs have a high level of community consultation, they upskill and train local staff and enable self-sufficiency which all result in their projects addressing the root causes rather than just the symptoms.

So why 1%?

Giving 1% of your income supports a culture of giving and there is no reason to stop there. The current global economic situation illustrates the power we have to do more – in the next 12 months, the richest 1% of people in the world will own 99% of the global wealth! These gloomy statistics often make me question how much do we need to have before we realise it’s time to help someone who has nothing? We regularly hear the Australian Government argue that we need to increase our standard of living despite the fact that in 2014, Australians as a median were the wealthiest in the world (and still are!).  To most people here in Australia 1% is certainly achievable, it is a way to give everyday people the power to save lives and empower locals in making a better life for themselves through giving relatively small amounts of money.

You will be surprised the effect it will have on you knowing that you are transforming the lives of others.

So Take the Pledge now and be a part of the generation that ends poverty.



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