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Current Journey

Matt is currently planning an amazing challenge for 2019 – more details will be announced soon!

Previous Journeys

2017:  Namib Desert and Skeleton Coast

Starting at the South African border with Namibia, Matt will walk 1850 km across the infamous Namib Desert and then along the Skeleton Coast, one of the most uninhabitable places on earth, to the border with Angola.  This journey will test Matt in ways he has never been tested before as he takes on 250m high sand dunes in the desert and copes with the isolation and threats of wildlife along the Skeleton Coast..  More…

2016:  Crossing Southern Africa with a Soccerball

Kicking a soccerball 2,300km from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Maputo in Mozambique whilst living under the poverty line, spending less than US$1.50 per day on food.  Matt gave away nearly 200 soccerballs to local communities, sporting groups and schools during this journey and also raised over $60,000 to fund projects with each of his four charity partners.  More…

2013:  The Global Poverty Walk

Bouncing an Aussie Rules ball 4500km across Australia.  Matt started this walk in Perth on 2nd February and finished on 30 June in Sydney.  He coped with temperatures ranging from 40+ degrees down to -8 as well as blisters on his feet and severe sunburn.  More…

2012:  The Long Ride to Stop the Poverty Cycle

Cycled 3,800km from Perth to Canberra as part of the Make Poverty History campaign.  Matt stopped to talk to thousands of school children during this journey.  He also met with politicians about the importance of Australia’s Foreign Aid program – unfortunately the Government slashed their aid commitment just days before the end of Matt’s ride.  More…

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