The Long Ride (Part 2)

We made it to Mildura without any hiccups and had a couple of days to recharge the batteries before we tackle the last leg of the ride. I expect the road to be pretty flat until we hit Wagga Wagga but after that the terrain will become quite hilly as we pass over the Great Dividing Range.

While in Mildura we set up a display at the local shopping mall where we spoke to locals about world poverty and my ride so far.  It always staggers me how many people are appalled by the situation in Africa and other developing countries and want us and the united Nations to do more to improve the lives of so many less fortunate than us.

Before we left Mildura we were lucky enough to do a presentation at Mildura Senior College in front of 100 or so students (hi guys!!).  We talked about poverty, the Millennium Development Goals and tried to give them an understanding of how different life is in a third world country. It is wonderful to be given the opportunity to speak to so many students as these kids are our future and the future leaders of this country. A big thank you must go to Sandy Gunn who is the Acting Assistant Principal for organising our visit and for taking such a passionate interest in educating the next generation about world poverty.

It was also great to get a lot of media interest in Mildura.  It really makes us feel that the whole trip is opening the eyes of the Australian public.  Thank you to all the media that covered the story including WIN News, The Sunraysia Daily, The Mildura Weekly and ABC Local Radio.

So after such a wonderful time in Mildura the ride must go on and it is now time to jump back on the bike and start peddling again – hard to believe we only have 800km to go. The next blog will be from well inside the borders of New South Wales and flying along the Sturt Highway overtaking road trains at will. Ha Ha I wish

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